Sunday Teaching


Why do we worship through music in church?

...why does it get so weird sometimes?

In this short teaching we discuss the importance of music as modern liturgy- the stuff we do in church; and why it must change! We also briefly cover what praise looked like in ancient biblical times and how we can appropriately express those things today.

This teaching was given at Redeemers Church in Redmond, OR. July 8, 2018.

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Event Teaching



DIn the last 30 years, it’s becoming widely accepted among the western church (largely protestant white churches) to refer to worship and music as the same thing. Put another way, we use the word "worship" as a synonym for music.

The assumption is that worship stands for the music stuff at church. 

In fact, most of us would probably describe our BEST worship experiences as a time that involved music. (the Elevation concert, Hillsong concert etc.)

BUT Unfortunately, today's worship has been narrowed down to just that, the music stuff.

When worship becomes an experience; 
a thing we can choose to buy and consume...
it eventually falls flat.